Jerky for Pets

Wholesome Pet Treats


TWO 6 OZ (170 g) BAGS

Supplement your pet's regular diet with this wholesome
all natural turkey strips snack.

 A delicious all natural treat for your pet
from the finest quality natural turkey products.

Turkey Raised Without Added Hormones
No Artificial Ingredients
No Preservatives
No Added MSG
No Erythorbate
Gluten free
No Nitrite

Only Minimally Processed
Delivered in our double pet treat pack

made in usa : Stamp with flag of the USA  Lettering Made in the USA  Illustration


Please DO NOT buy jerky made in a foreign country,
especially from Asian countries. Foreign countries do not have
the strict controls we have here in the USA.

The FDA has received reports of pets that got sick, even died,
after having eaten jerky from a foreign country.


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